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Logo usage guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Amikash. Amikash authorizes the use of its logo, but it is required to follow these simple instructions to ensure optimal use.

Instructions below are designed to dictate the use of the logo and its derivatives without having to negotiate a legal agreement for each use. To use the brand Amikash otherwise as described below, please contact a member of our client service team with a visual model of the intended use.

Logo format:

The logo Amikash is always in color. Never use the logo in black and white or another color mix.

Download graphic guidelines for Amikash logos

The graphic guidelines contains several graphic formats of the logo; .png, .jpg, .eps and.svg. Convenient for your designer or for yourself to integrate our logo to your campaigns.

Download graphic guidelines

Safety space:

When using the logo Amikash with other logos and/or graphics, maintain a space equivalent to the symbol '$' as shown:

Usage guidelines:

The Amikash logo includes, but is not limited to the name "Amikash", the image of the bag, the slogan or any word, sentence, image or other.

Do not modify or alter the logo and its particularities in order to avoid ambiguity. For example, suggesting a partnership, sponsorship or approval of Amikash, or in a manner confusing Amikash to another brand. Use the official and unmodified logo to represent Amikash.

Do not:


Amikash logo uses the following colors:

Black #231F20 (C70-M68-Y64-K74)
Green #8BC53F (C51-M0-Y99-K0)
Grey #6D6E70 (C58-M49-Y47-K15).

The font used for Amikash logo is : Proxima Nova Regular (tracking: -75).

Using the Amikash brand in advertising or marketing materials

It is authorized to:

It is prohibited to:

Protecting the Amikash brand through your concept:

Amikash recommends to:

It is authorized to:

Do not:

Amikash brand policy:

Anyone using the brand Amikash agree to abide by logo usage policy as well as the terms, conditions, rules and policies of Amikash. Amikash reserves the right to cancel, modify or change this policy at any time and to its sole discretion. For more information on the use of the name and the brand Amikash, please contact a member of our client service team.